Feb 15 2019

Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm-CODEX

Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm-CODEX
Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm-CODEX

Publisher: 2K, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux) | Developer: Firaxis Games, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux) | Retail Date: 14 Feb, 2019
Platform: PC | Protection: Steam | Genre: Strategy
Langauge: English | Size: 10.4 GiB


In Gathering Storm, the second expansion to Civilization VI, the world around you is more alive than ever before.
Nov 26 2018

Total War WARHAMMER II Curse Of The Vampire Coast-CODEX

Total War WARHAMMER II Curse Of The Vampire Coast-CODEX
Total War WARHAMMER II Curse Of The Vampire Coast-CODEX

Publisher: SEGA, Feral Interactive | Developer: CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, Feral Interactive | Retail Date: 8 Nov, 2018
Platform: PC | Protection: Steam+Denuvo | Genre: Action, Strategy
Langauge: English | Size: 39.8 GiB


Night falls on Lustria. As you stand on the dock and peer seawards through the gathering mists, strain your ears. The jungle sounds behind you fade, and in their place comes a wet thudding, as of rotten rigging against a mouldy mast.
Nov 21 2018

Frostpunk [v 1.3.0] (2018) xatab

Frostpunk [v 1.3.0] (2018)  xatab
Frostpunk [v 1.3.0 ] (2018) PC | RePack by xatab | size:4.48 GB
Released : 2018
Genre : Strategy , Simulator , Survival , 3D
Developer : 11 bit studios
Publisher : 11 bit studios
Publication Type : RePack
Language : ENG | MULTi
Language : ENG
Tablet : Not required ( DRM-Free)

Nov 04 2018

Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 | 3.3 GB

Football Manager 2019 brings you closer the heart of the beautiful game than ever before. New features and enhanced game mechanics enable you to control your team in fresh and authentic ways, creating an ever more emergent way of storytelling.

Home: http://www.footballmanager.com/
Oct 18 2018

Empires Apart Civilizations

Empires Apart Civilizations

Release Name: Empires.Apart.Civilizations-PLAZA| Size: 861.80 MB
Genre: Free to Play, Strategy | Developer: DESTINYbit | Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.

An exciting free-to-play Real Time Strategy game set in medieval times. Uniquely designed factions, customization options, singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay. Gather resources, raise an army and lead your civilization to victory in a classic RTS, brought to the modern age.

If you are a fan of RTS games, you will relive memories of classic games of the past while enjoying a modern interface and a brand new approach to fast-paced real time gameplay. If you are new to the genre, Empires Apart is the free-to-play RTS experience you’ve been waiting for.

HOME: http://store.steampowered.com/app/530630/Empires_Apart/

Oct 16 2018

Hex Gambit

Hex Gambit

Release Name: Hex.Gambit-SKIDROW | Size: 667 MB
Genre: Indie, Strategy | Developer: One Man Left Studios | Publisher: One Man Left Studios

Hex Gambit is a short form, competitive strategy game that lets players surprise each other in plain sight. It’s designed to be as fun to watch as it is to play. Characters jump across the board like checkers pieces, and their moves compliment each other for bold, game-changing plays. Your strongest abilities unlock automatically as your score increases, so each match is a race to unleash a game-winning gambit. Battles take around 15 minutes for experienced players

* Diligently balanced for 1v1 or 2v2 competitive play.
* 21 loadout combinations out of the box, times 6 unlockable captains
* Tackle our single player challenge: the Blitz Royale
* Join a faction in our community-wide turf war: the Apex Cup
* Earn trophies and rack up wins in your quest to become a Grand Master
* Transition seamlessly between real-time and asynchronous play online**

Home: http://store.steampowered.com/app/458040/Hex_Gambit/
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